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Joy in the Ridiculous

Last night I was talking to my brother, Ted, as I am apt to do.  We generally talk for about an hour or so at least three or four nights a week.  Just general stuff.  How his day was, how my day was, funny or interesting things we may have seen on the news, and […]


At 5:18 this morning, the basketball fell through the hoop.

I am not sure why this happened.  It is raining out but it has rained in the past month and the basketball never moved.  We even had a very powerful thunderstorm with high winds and heavy rains pass through last Thursday and it never budged. […]

Defying Gravity

My bedroom window looks out into the backyard and my neighbor’s backyard.  My neighbor’s driveway runs right along the side of the house ending with the shed.  They put up a portable basketball hoop every spring for the kids to play basketball.  I have noticed that now that the kids are older, they don’t tend […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s June 25th!!  183 days until Christmas!!

It is also 182 days since last Christmas.  Half way through the year, if you use Christmas as the starting and ending point… which I do.  I love Christmas. The music, the giving and receiving of presents, the food, the parties, the joy, the gathering of families and […]

Tooth Update

Just a quick posting to say that I am feeling better.  Pain medicine is a good thing!

I am feeling tired today but I think that is due to losing so much sleep Tuesday night.  I have heard that if you lose sleep, you will feel tired until you make up those hours that are […]


Went to see Torture Guy (aka the dentist) yesterday to finish up the root canal.  He asked me how it had been and I said it had been a little painful since Saturday.  He asked why I didn’t call him and I said that it wasn’t intolerable and I figured I was coming in to […]

A Good Life

Ward passed away on Friday.

As I mentioned in the posting on June 12th, Ward is someone from church who I cared about and admired.  He was diagnosed with cancer last December, went through a lot of chemotherapy and the disease just wouldn’t go away.  Ward decided to go into hospice on Saturday, the 12th, […]

Facebook Etiquette

What is the etiquette regarding accepting/rejecting friends in Facebook?  I have been rather choosy in who I ask to be my friend just because I’m not sure I want to share information with everyone out there.  My nephew currently has 579 friends.  It seems like at least once a week he is accepting a friend […]

How busy are you?

So what were you doing before 8:45 this morning? At 7:00, I was at Lowes buying an air conditioner.  It is supposed to be really hot and muggy this weekend and I figured it is time to get an air conditioner installed.  I do own one already but it is about 10 years old and […]

Squirrel and Moose

My brother told me last night that a squirrel walked across the road in front of his car today and he ran it over. These things do happen but squirrels usually run across the road in a frantic attempt to beat the on-coming vehicle.  Ted said that this squirrel was walking, in a rather despondent […]