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Have you ever looked down at your hand and noticed a cut that wasn’t there before?  While I was working this afternoon, I was processing some shipping paperwork and noticed cuts on the back of my index finger and middle finger of my right hand.  They weren’t bleeding so they must have happened a few […]

Killer Whale

They came out on the news last night with the final assessment of the trainer who was killed by the whale at Sea World on February 24th.  What they reported was that her pony tail landed in the whales mouth accidentally, he pulled her under the water, she tried to break free and did at […]


I do not like to iron clothes.  It’s just a fact of life.  I really dislike it.  I don’t mind doing laundry, folding clothes, and putting them away.  I also don’t mind other household tasks such as scrubbing floors, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the bathroom (including scrubbing the toilet), and even washing windows.  None of this […]


Do you have a low point of the day?  A time when your energy level depletes and you just kind of grind to a stop?  For me this time is between 2:00 and 4:00 every afternoon.  My energy level drops, I slow down at whatever I am working on and I long to take a […]


Saying “sorry” doesn’t fix things.

I really don’t want to start listing my pet peeves in this blog because that just gets old after a while.  But there is one thing that irks me that I’m not sure irks other people.  It is people who think that saying “sorry” is a magic cure-all to fix […]


I think I will do a follow up posting to my last three postings in reverse order:

It was allergies yesterday. Today I feel fine. No sneezing. No coughing. I was thinking about it driving home from church and it occurred to me that everyone seemed to be mowing their lawns […]

Cold vs. Allergies

I saw a segment on the news a while back about how you can tell if you have a cold versus if you have allergies. The concern being that if it is a cold, you really don’t want to be around people spreading your germs whereas with allergies you aren’t contagious so […]


Question: Are children our most valuable resource?

Answer: Yes, they are.

If you think they aren’t, keep in mind that someday, you will be old and children, either your own or other people’s children, will be making decisions for you. Sort of like the saying that you should be nice to your children because they […]

Boring Jobs

I was discussing with my brother last night about boring jobs.  Jobs that we can’t believe how bored we were and how quickly we quit.  He worked in factories for years so I think that he has me beat as far as being bored on the job.  After all, it is one thing to have […]

Today’s Thoughts (04/18/10)

Just a few thoughts on a Sunday evening:

–        Went to see Date Night yesterday with a bunch of friends.  VERY funny movie! With most movies, the funny parts of the movie are shown in the previews and the rest of the movie is just ok.  This movie’s funniest (is that a word?) parts weren’t […]