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Today’s Thoughts (12/31/09)

Here are some thoughts on the last day of 2009:

– We are supposed to get a major snow storm this weekend.  I’m struggling with trying to decide whether or not to cancel the monthly bean supper at church.  If the weather is really bad and we get over a foot of snow, I should […]

Flying Home

It was an interesting experience flying home yesterday.  I had watched the news and saw the warnings about tougher security because of the attempted bombing of the plane on Christmas Day.  They warned about long lines, more restrictions and tougher scrutiny.  “Get to the airport early” was the main message.

My flight was scheduled for […]

A Story by Alexa

My niece, Alexa, gave her parents a book for Christmas entitled “The Secret Knowledge of Kids”.  It is a collection of stories written by her class and is actually bound in a real book (which is more than what would have happen when I was growing up….when we did something like this, it would have […]

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday

full of new precious memories!


Christmas Eve

It is December the 24th.  Christmas shopping is done.  My presents are all wrapped and under the tree (except for the ones that are going to my sister’s in-laws tomorrow…they’re wrapped but in a Target bag).  I have a carrot cake made for the dinner tomorrow but still need to frost it.  Church starts in […]

Christmas Shopping

Pretty tired tonight. A long day of Christmas shopping.  I’m almost done.  I just have to get a few presents for my sister.  Couldn’t do it today because she was with me.  So my niece, Anna, and I are going shopping first thing tomorrow morning.  That should be fun.  Anna is 11 so she is […]

Forever Sunrise

I was flying from Boston to Grand Rapids today via Cleveland.  I’m spending the holidays with my sister and her family.  The traveling wasn’t bad despite the bad weather we had on the east coast this past weekend.  There was an incredibly long line at 4:10 this morning at the Continental counter.  People re-booking flights […]

Weather & Travel

Well, once again, I am traveling to Michigan for Christmas.

And, once again, we are having a major snowstorm on the Sunday before Christmas.

What is up with this?????

Last year, I was going to leave at 2:00 in the morning on Monday morning to catch my 6:00 am flight.  I have  friend who considers […]

Today’s Thoughts (12/17/09)

A few thoughts on a very cold Thursday in December:

– I was just thinking the other day that I don’t see Hummers on the road anymore.  Every since the gas prices rose and have hovered around $2.60, people quit driving those big, heavy, gas guzzling vehicles.  Except this morning I saw one. Driven by […]

“A Christmas Carol”

Yesterday I went to Salem, MA with a bunch of friends from church to see the play “A Christmas Carol” presented on a trolley ride.  This was the third time I had seen it and it was just as much fun as the first two times.

We arrived in Salem early enough to browse through […]