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Today’s Thoughts (11/30/09)

Here are some thoughts at the end of the day…and the end of the month:

– I think that the couple that crashed the state dinner at the White House should be in jail.  Now.  Not later. They trespassed.  They lied to White House officials.  They, and everyone like them, need to know that there […]


It is only two days after Thanksgiving and I actually have my place decorated for Christmas.  Since I keep my decorations up until the end of the Christmas season, which is January 6th, I usually decorate the second weekend in December.  But this year, I am busy next weekend, the following weekend, the weekend after […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had a wonderful holiday!  Food turned out great, conversation was good and everyone had a great time.

I would write more but I am really tired.  It has been a long day of cooking and being hostess but it was well worth it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving of great food, sharing […]

Thanksgiving Cooking

It took me four hours.  Four hours to do all the pre-Thanksgiving cooking.

I roasted four turkey legs with some carrot and onion, olive oil, salt & pepper and poultry seasoning for about two and a half hours.  I then de-glazed the roasting pan with a little chicken broth, strained it and I have the […]

Thanksgiving Shopping

I woke up early this morning and was out the door by 6:20 am.  My plan was to get my Thanksgiving shopping done early and my plan worked beautifully!

I organized my grocery list last night so that everything was listed in the order it is in the store.  I double-checked all my recipes, including […]

Thanksgiving Prep

Three days until Thanksgiving Day.  I’m into preparation mode.  Actually I have been thinking about it for a while now but now I need to actually start the work.  Plan the menu, make my shopping list and then go shopping.

I usually have Thanksgiving with my older brother, Ted, and a bunch of his friends. […]

Signs Don’t want to give it away so just watch. Then give a satisfied sigh…

Cost Perspective

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: 1.7 trillion dollars

Health Care Reform: 1 trillion dollars

One Human Life: Priceless

Flu Shot

I went to get my flu shot this morning.  I normally don’t get a flu shot but my doctor felt that this year I probably should get it.  Just the regular one, not the H1N1. Why not the H1N1?  Because she doesn’t have it.  And she isn’t going to get it.

This completely baffled me.  […]


I was at a committee meeting at church last night and the woman who led the devotion time spoke about tolerance. How we don’t seem very tolerant of each other these days.  Everyone seems to be complaining about everyone else.  The elderly complain about their kids or people their kid’s age that they don’t keep […]