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Drunk Pumpkins

A friend sent this to me last Halloween.  Not sure where it originated but I congratulate the brilliant person who created it.  Happy Halloween!!

Drunk Pumpkins

Fried Brain

Yes, my brain is fried.  Has been most of the day.  Started out with hitting the snooze button too many times so I was late getting out of bed and felt like I was running behind getting ready for work.  Then I sent an e-mail to our church secretary, something to be inserted in this […]

To the Bishop

One of my friends had an incident at her church three weeks ago during mass.  A message was given from Bishop Malone against same sex marriage.  As I have mentioned before, this is a huge issue right now in Maine because of Question 1 on the ballot this coming Election Day.  Pam, my friend, wrote […]

Alternative vs. Conventional

I was reading a very interesting commentary on today.  Here is a link:

The commentator, Dr. Otis Brawley, is expressing his opinions that actress Suzanne Somers needs to be careful about dispensing alternative medical treatments for cancer since some people may take her advice and then die.  He makes a very good point […]


I mentioned in my last posting that someone had come by my office looking for a job.  This seems to be happening at least once a week.  It very rarely happened at our last location even though that was in an industrial area as well.  And, since that location was in Portland, I would think […]

Flying Squirrel

In the continuing saga of the creatures on my company’s property, here is a story about one who came inside.

Our security system called me at 4:00 this morning.  Actually they called at 1:30 but I was so sound asleep that I didn’t hear the phone ring.  I heard the talking caller ID announce the […]

Thoughts for Today (10/19/09)

Just some thoughts:

–         Charlie the Chipmunk’s body is gone (see post from 10/15/09).  I would like to think that Cait came and looked for him and had a funeral for him but I think that more than likely, he was dinner for some other creature.  Oh well.  Everyone has to eat!

–         Saw the […]

Interesting Links

Here are a couple of interesting links my brother has sent me recently:

Cruel and Ucky Nature

Since we moved the company to our new location, we are now in the midst of a bunch of trees.  Not just a bunch of trees but woods.  Rather pretty to look at but full of all kinds of creatures.  We have seen wild turkeys (my boss calls them the Three Musketeers, since there are […]

8th Commandment

There are Ten Commandments.  Most of them are pretty easy to keep because they are blatantly obvious.  Don’t steal.  Well, yeah, if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it.  Don’t kill.  Well, yeah, it is not up to me to end someone’s life.  I could go on through each of them but the one […]