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Number 50!

This is my 50th posting. I have been doing this blog since May 18th and, although I don’t post every day, I try to post as often as possible. I have made it a practice not to post twice in one day…not because I only think of things once a day but only because […]

Today’s Thoughts (08/30/09)

Some thoughts on a Sunday evening:

– If you don’t read the comic Non Sequitur by Wiley, you should.  Just because it had this line in it today: “Well, thank you!! For that heaping cold plate of dream dashing, Fuzzbutt!”.  Fuzzbutt!!  LOL!!!  I think anytime you can use the term, fuzzbutt, you should.  It sounds […]

Unity in Faith

I have been watching the funeral of Senator Kennedy today. The funeral mass was beautiful. Wonderful music, touching prayers and well spoken eulogies. It is amazing that one person can touch so many lives. He definitely had a life that was well lived.

Another thing that struck me in watching it […]

One Tragic Day

I was reading yesterday some of the comments made under an article in the Portland Press Herald about Senator Kennedy passing away. Among the many condolences and fond memories and caring postings were the postings against Senator Kennedy. Of course, Chappaquiddick was mentioned. I knew it was inevitable but I was hoping that people […]

Senator Kennedy

I’m sure God said last night  “Well done, good and faithful servant!  Welcome Home!”

Rest in peace, Senator Kennedy….you will be missed!

Great Conversation

There is something to be said for a great conversation. The kind of conversation where there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas and stories that flows back and forth traveling along until, when it is finished, the participants feel completely satisfied and stimulated. I LOVE to have conversations like that with people.


Fresh Veggies

I love the Farmer’s Market!  I only discovered the joy of the Farmer’s Market in the last few years.  Before that, I almost always bought my vegetables at the grocery store.  Then I started going to farm stands but that can be a little iffy.  At the Farmer’s Market, the farms are all in competition […]

Today’s Thoughts (8/20/09)

It is the end of the day but the mind is still working so I thought I would jot down a few thoughts:

– I just noticed that my new Band-Aid box has braille on it.  Not sure what it says, since I don’t read braille but I can guess that it says Band-Aid.  Then […]

Proper Shoes

I have learned the lesson of proper shoes.

As I have mentioned, we are moving the company from Portland to Saco. Of course, the week we decided to actually move, the weather shifted and summer arrived.  Instead of cool 70 degree weather, it has been in the 90’s and close to 100 for the past […]

Single Disadvantages

My brother and I were having a discussion Sunday night about going to parties as a single person. I pointed out to him that it would be much better to have a husband to go with because, if I didn’t know anyone at the party or the party was really lame, I could […]