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I have been thinking about friends lately, old and new. I have a number of really close friends who I love and cherish. Some of my friends are brand new, meaning I have recently met them and became instant friends. Some are people I have known for years through church and then found out […]

Things Ted Learned…

My brother and I went boating again last night.  Once he got the boat started, it was a lovely ride.  Once he got the boat started…

The Things I Learned Today – by Ted

Don’t put WD40 on the pinion coming out of the starter motor (even if it doesn’t pop up and engage every […]

Outdoor Church

We had a special guest preacher at my church yesterday from the Outdoor Church in Cambridge, MA. Pastor Jed started the Outdoor Church because he saw a need in his community for a ministry to the homeless. It’s surprising, I think, to a lot of people in Cambridge that there is a large homeless […]

Uniform Strength

I was thinking about President Obama’s remark last night that the police in Cambridge, MA acted “stupidly” in arresting Professor Gates. For those who don’t know, Professor Gates returned from a trip to find that he couldn’t get the door to his house opened. He enlisted his driver’s help and they managed to get […]

Spare Parts

During a discussion with someone who is having problems with their gall bladder and might be looking at surgery, I assured her that it’s a common operation and nothing to worry about. That almost everyone has gallstones, according to my doctor, and they don’t cause problems unless they block a bile duct. Then there is […]


FINALLY!!!  My brother and I finally made it out on the lake last night.  It was absolutely beautiful!  Not too hot, not too cool.  The lake was pretty smooth and there weren’t too many boaters, jet skis or other watercraft out so we had a pretty easy time.  If there are a lot of other […]

Being Lutheran

I was born Lutheran. My parents were Lutheran, my grandparents were Lutheran and my great-grandfather was a Lutheran Pastor. I was raised in the Lutheran church (Missouri Synod – more on the distinction later) and went to Lutheran schools up until 9th grade when we moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. At the time, Lincoln […]

Today’s Thoughts (7/16/09)

Thoughts that are roaming around my head as I drink my morning tea:

-On the news this morning…. two years ago, a woman in Spain gave birth to twin boys. Not really newsworthy? This woman was 66 years old. Decided she wanted kids, went through fertility treatments and successfully gave […]

Rock Hard Abs

Did Jesus have rock hard abs? I was just thinking about this because David Beckham was on the Today Show this morning and they showed pictures of the Armani ads that feature him in underwear. And to say that Beckham has rock hard abs is really an understatement. That man is incredibly sculpted.

Honoring a Sacrifice

Since I am at church on Sunday mornings, I record CBS Sunday morning. On the few times I have been home, I have always enjoyed watching it. So I record it and watch it once I am home.

Yesterday morning there was a commentary by Martha Gillis, who lost her […]