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Time Suckers

Every once in a while…actually a couple of times a week…my brother, Ted, sends me a link to something that he thinks I will find interesting.  Each of them is, in fact, quite interesting.  But they are also, TIME SUCKERS.

Time Suckers.  Things that I have to read or watch on-line when I really have […]

Good Intentions

Although earlier forms of the proverb omit the first part of the quote, the most familiar version of it is “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. To me, that is more appropriate than “hell is paved with good intentions”. Since Life is a journey and thus we are on a road.


Detroit Re-Visited

My family moved from Detroit in the summer of 1981. I was 15 so for me, I grew up in Detroit. I haven’t been back since. The reasons we were moving were many but one of the major reasons was the abundance of crime. It seemed like every day someone was murdered. There were robberies, […]

Random Searches

I am now in western Michigan, Holland to be exact, visiting my sister and her family (husband and five kids).  Other than being really tired from traveling all morning (first flight was at 6 am), I am having a great time!!!

Something odd happened at Logan International Airport in Boston.  I was waiting for my […]

Microsoft Einstein

For a long time, I resisted having the little help figure in Microsoft Office programs. Don’t need some stupid little figure giving me advice on what I am doing. Seemed rather pointless. Especially the little paper clip guy. Really, that thing should die a slow, painful, twisty death. Incredibly annoying.

Calling India

Yesterday I called Travelocity to change my car reservation for my vacation.  Reserved a full size not even thinking that you can’t fit four kids (my sister’s daughters) in the back seat of a car…especially when one is in a baby seat.  So I needed to upgrade to a mini van.

The woman who answered […]

And now…

Roses are red,

Grass is riz,

Where last year’s

careless driver is!

Burma- Shave

Slow or Sudden

I have a number of friends and acquaintances lately that have lost loved ones.  Some have died slowly after a long, long illness. Some have died suddenly. I just found out today that someone was e-mailing his brother yesterday and then found out he had died suddenly yesterday.

This all […]

Bad Drivers

Ok…I’m tired.  Tired of drivers who don’t pay attention and endanger other’s lives.  Driving too fast, weaving in and out of lanes, speeding through yellow lights that are in reality red, and, the big one, gabbing on their cell phones rather than paying attention.

Normally I just stare in disbelief at other’s bad driving habits […]