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Praying and Listening

I am just back from the NE Synod Assembly.  For those who don’t know, it is a meeting of all the Lutheran churches (ELCA) in the New England area.  I was one of two delegates from my church.

The last thing I attended was a workshop on evangelism.  It was an enlightening presentation on how […]

God’s Nudges

God nudges me. Actually, I believe that God nudges everyone even though most people probably aren’t aware of it.  I am aware that He definitely nudges me. I am trying to not only pay attention to God’s nudges but to be cognizant of them when they happen.

For instance, […]

Dad’s Birthday

Today is what would have been my dad’s 83rd birthday.  Dad was born May 20, 1926.  He died February 7, 2003.  Way too young for me.  My grandmother, Dad’s mom, died when she was 88, so I thought that I would have him around until at least 2014.  So I feel a little ripped off.  […]

Working on it….

I have had a comment that I have a blog and have yet to post anything to it.  I’ve been told that this is out of character for me.  So, even though I am working on a deep and profound posting, I am writing this in for the time being.

How is that?