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Things gone by…

I have been thinking today of things that used to be common but aren’t so much anymore. The things that were so common in everyday life but now don’t exist anymore.

For example:

– Tape cassettes: Yes, they do still exist but have you noticed that the streams of tape by the side of the […]

Grace and Karma

My sister just shared a link on Facebook that I am totally impressed by…not that she shared it but that it so apply describes something my Bible class was discussing this morning.

We had, as part of our study of Christ, a discussion on “what do you see when you look up at the cross?”. […]

Black Rhino

I saw the headline this headline on Google news just now and it caught my attention: US Rhino Hunt Auction Winner Fears For His Safety.

I clicked on the link and went to a USAToday article that stated a man paid $350,000 at an auction for the opportunity to hunt an endangered black rhino.

Now […]


Last Sunday, January 5th, I wrote a post in honor of my sister, Amy. Unfortunately I forgot what year it is and shaved a year off of her age and my nephew’s age.

I would think that my sister would be pleased I made her a year younger although I imagine my nephew didn’t like […]

Aurora Borealis

Last night on the news, they said that, because of a solar flare, we should be able to see the aurora borealis here in Maine. I was at a friend’s house for dinner and suggested that we should go out and see what we could see.

She and I bundled […]

The Lord’s Prayer for Me

In the Bible, when the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, they asked him “Teach us to pray”. He gave them the prayer we refer to has The Lord’s Prayer.

This is how most people know it:

Our Father

Who art in heaven

Hallowed […]

My Sister

Today my sister, Amy, turns…41.

From my point of view, it is just a number. After all, she hasn’t aged much. She still looks much the same as she did in her early twenties. She doesn’t even look old enough to have a 20 year old son. Kind of interesting to see the two of […]


I have been trying to think about what to write about and have actually started three different blog postings. I have deleted all three because I realized that people could take them the wrong way or think I am talking about them when I am talking about other people entirely.

Mostly I have been thinking […]

Happy New Year!

It is a new year and, thus, a good day for a new start at a number of things. I don’t necessarily do resolutions just because it is too high of a probability that I will break some or all resolutions. So why set myself up for disappointment?

Instead of resolutions, this is […]

Advent Thoughts

Every year, my church provides Advent devotionals for people to pick up as an additional resource to use during the season. This year, there were two available and I picked up the one that was from the works of C.S. Lewis.

I am enjoying doing this devotional just because it […]